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They’re beloved, humble folk musicians. They’re definitely not shilling for soup.

New episode of The Studio featuring Michael Cruz Kayne and Connor Ratliff! 

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spotastic asked NYU Freshman on move-in day whether they thought these killers would make good roommates. 


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Here’s your anthem for the day. 


The Backyard is Tom Capps, Kevin Etherson, Tessa Greenberg, Michael Cruz Kayne, Matt Rubano, Rachele Volpe, and Mack Williams.

This was very fun to make. Feel free to reblog, like, and if you’re feeling really cool, comment on and like the actual YouTube page!

Normal is the new Fancy

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Remember the open letter that Dan Gilbert wrote to Lebron and then left posted on the Cavs website for FOUR YEARS?  He just updated it.  Click the pic to enlarge it.

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Nate Dern

I wanted to say somewhere publicly that I feel very lucky to have been at UCBNY during the Nate Dern years.  He is a thoughtful, dedicated, and creative individual who ended his term as AD by presiding over the largest DCM in UCB’s history.  He diversified the performers and writers at the theatre, he grew the UCBEast into another bastion of comedy in NYC, and he did a million other things that very few of us know about (including me) to ensure that our community remains one of the most vibrant, fun, brave, weird, safe, dangerous, and funny places to be in the world.

I’m very excited for the Shannon O’Neill years, and have affection for the era of Anthony King, but I have also had a great time during the Dern days.  

If you’re hanging around the theatres, you should come watch the guy do improv before he uses his newfound free time to become so famous that he won’t be around.  Is this an elaborate, self-serving plug for my own improv show at 10pm every Saturday night at UCBEast?  You decide.

Much love to my dude Nate.  


Michael Kayne’s DCM

If you’re one of my stalkers, here’s a handy weekend guide!

Tonight at 7: Harold Night Time Machine with The Opera at UCBEAST

Friday at 7: Baby Wants Candy at SVA

Friday at 8: What I Did For Love at UCB Chelsea (not 100% confident that I will make this show on time!)

Saturday at 7: Diamond Lion at SVA

Saturday at 830: Pivot To Asia at NYTW (not 100% confident that I will make this show!)

Saturday at 9: 30 Greatest Singers of All Time at UCBEAST

Sunday at 4: Sabonis at UCB Chelsea.  Come see this show; we hardly ever perform together anymore.  It’s fun.

Sunday at 430: Baby Wants Candy at UCB Chelsea

Very excited.  See you THERE.

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Can’t wait for #DCM16? Prepare for 72 hours of AMAZING improv by reliving #DCM14 day by day at


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Sia—Chandelier/performed live on Ellen with Maddie Ziegler and choreography by Ryan Heffington.

This is so great it makes me want to cry.

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A crap article in The Daily Beast about Solange Knowles

Trying not to be annoyed by this article, but stuff like “Plus, who is not living vicariously through Solange during the 58 seconds of that video, soaking in each gratifying punch landed on Jay Z’s smug, overrated, and undeserving-of-Queen Beyoncé’s face?” is pretty stupid.   

I don’t know the backstory, but physically attacking someone without being physically provoked is something that assholes do. And if you clap for it, you’re an asshole too. So, MAYBE Jay threatened her? MAYBE? Otherwise, she’s an asshole.  

Grown-ups don’t hit people unless they’re doing so to protect someone from physical harm.  As far as I’m concerned, gender doesn’t enter into it. 

PS someone better give that bodyguard a raise, not just for keeping a handle on her, but for doing so without knocking her out.

Here’s the article, written by a moron:

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Cool Mom

My wife got a cool email on April 29th.  Here’s an excerpt:

Dear Carrie,

On behalf of the admissions committee, it is my honor and privilege to share with you that you have been admitted to the College of Nursing at New York University.  Congratulations!  I could not be more excited to welcome you to NYU

You want to know something wild?  Carrie hadn’t taken a legitimate math/science class since…ever?  She went to performing arts high school and to a performing arts college.  She hadn’t been in a classroom at all for nearly a decade.  And she STILL got an A in every prerequisite she needed to take to apply to nursing school.  Organic Chemistry, Statistics, Microbiology, and other classes I can’t even REMEMBER.  She’s been working on it for a couple of years and during that time, her teachers have been approaching HER and ASKING TO WRITE RECOMMENDATIONS for HER.  You feel me?  I’m talking about professors writing stuff like “Carrie is one of the five best students I have taught in twenty-five years.”  I don’t know who the other four were (guessing Bill Gates, Marie Curie, Archimedes, bell hooks?), but I’d put Carrie Specksgoor Kayne up against them ANY DAY.

Oh, and also she did all that while being an amazing mother to our kids.  I don’t go in for the “being a mom is the hardest job in the world” stuff, but it is hard to do it well, and my wife does it brilliantly.

I have so much respect and pride for the work that Carrie has done.  It was a challenge at every level, and she aced it.  What a great person, what a role model for her children, what a badass.


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I don’t like sports, but the Bearcats are my new favorite team.

I love how it gets more elaborate each time. These boys are thinking this through.

This is my favorite post of all time

This is awesome


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Dan Klein, my future husband, is a genius. Meet his new character who is basically like the future child of the FUDS and Fruit Reviews projects.

Also who else feels like maybe this should be his permanent look? I know it’s douchey but boy is he WORKIN’ IT.

Dan Klein: National Treasure

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Raising Taxes on Corporations that Pay Their CEOs Royally and Treat Their Workers Like Serfs


Until the 1980s, corporate CEOs were paid, on average, 30 times what their typical worker was paid. Since then, CEO pay has skyrocketed to 280 times the pay of a typical worker; in big companies, to 354 times.

Meanwhile, over the same thirty-year time span the median American worker has seen no pay increase

Dude is a baller.  Is there a counterargument to this?

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UCB Close Up: Michael Kayne



Photo courtesy of

Our featured performer this week is Michael Kayne!

Michael Kayne is a very talented UCB performer. He was most recently the star of the hilarious Horse + Horse video, “Grandpa Can Have Dinner With Anyone,” and was a guest on the UCB Comedy Round Up.


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Wanna see Chris Kelly (Broad City,SNL) crush it as our latest babysitter?  Give it a looook.  Chris is amazing.